Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for StarKit's Prophecy.

Whitestorm is a character who appears only three times in StarKit's Prophecy and only twice by name. He plays such a small role in the story that he isn't even in the Allegiances.


Whitestorm is a big white tom.


BlueStar, Glitter, Whitestorm are sitting around a pool in StarClan when they receive a prophecy. Whitestorm comments on the prophecy, saying the subject of it is Starkit. Glitter follows up this line by revealing that Starkit has incredible powers. Bluestar then informs Jayfeather of the prophecy.

Afterwards, when Stargleam dies for the first time, Whitestorm starts the conversation that leads to Stargleam being delivered The Ten Commandents by saying Stargleam would be sent back to the Clans and that StarClan need to tell her something before that.

Later, in the battle between StarClan and the Dark Forest at the end of the fanfiction, Tigerstar is about to attack Starpaw when Whitestorm stops him, saying Tigerstar shouldn't attack a cat who has kits. Tigerstar heeds his advice and attacks Fluffykit instead.


  • Every time Whitestorm's name is mentioned, it's spelled wrong.
  • It's disputed whether or not Whitestorm makes an official appearance in the first chapter, as he isn't directly mentioned by name.