A fan-drawing of Tigerkit.

Tigerkit is one of Stargleamstar and Jazzstar's kits.

Role Edit

Tigerkit is born to Gleamstar and Jazzstar in Chapter 33. He is named after Tigerstar, but even after many cats are appalled by this, Gleamstar sticks with her decision.

Soon, Tigerstar comes up and tries to kill him, but Fluffykit stops him with the help of his siblings. However, Ashpaw kidnaps Tigerkit because Gleamstar didn't love him. Tigerkit struggles, but Ashpaw is able to drag him off.

Gleamstar and Firestar arrange a plan to get him back. After a short battle, they drive off Tigerstar and the other cats, only to find that Tigerkit has switched allegiances. All of them try to turn Tigerkit back, but their efforts are fruitless. He then reveals that he is going to marry Rainstar, Tigerstar's daughter. Then he runs off after Tigerstar.

Gleamstar won't leave Tigerkit, so she goes after them until she finds Tigerkit making out with Rainstar. Tigerkit is angry at Gleamstar, but Rainstar sends Hollyleaf after her. After Jazzstar and more cats save her, Gleamstar manages to convince both sides that she is switching to evil. Tigerkit is overjoyed.

While she is evil, Gleamstar keeps thinking about her friends and kin in ThunderClan but stays because of Tigerkit.

During the battle, Fluffykit sacrifices himself for Firestar. Gleamstar rushes to save him but is stopped by Tigerkit who attacks his sibling. Tigerkit reminds his mother that they're evil, but Gleamstar reveals the prophecy and insists that he's evil.

When Tigerstar is killed by Hollyleaf, she appoints Tigerkit as her second-in-command. However, Gleamstar magically destroys all evil cats and Tigerkit dies.

Appearance Edit

Tigerkit is said to look like a tiger. He is a brown tabby that is also said to look like Tigerstar.

Trivia Edit

  • Tigerkit is the offspring of Stargleamstar and Jazzstar, despite the fact that Stargleamstar and Jazzstar are both female.
  • When Rainstar becomes his mate, Tigerkit is only one month old.

Kin Edit


Gleamstar: Dead, Verified StarClan member

Jazzstar: Living


Hawkfrost: Living


Firekit: Living


Fluffykit: Dead, Verified StarClan member


Flamepelt: Living

Lakepool: Living

Redfur: Living


Dawnsparkle: Living


Jayfeather: Living