The Two Siblings is the sequel to Starkit's Prophecy, though it is incomplete. It is edited by xdark.rosesx's boyfriend, Tomas, and centered around Stargleamstar's "precendants" Crimsonpaw and Angelpaw.

Caution before Reading--By a *Licensed* Doctor!

This is a brief summary of the sequel to Starkit's Prophecy. Although the spelling and grammar were much better thanks to Tomas's editing, the story makes no sense at all.

Chapter 1: The Prophecy

Stargleam, Jazzsong, Redpaw, Lakepool, and Fluffykit meet in front of a pool, where they receive a prophecy. They agree to tell Pawstep, medicine cat of ThunderClan, about it. Fluffykit muses about the prophecy's meaning as they leave.

Chapter 2: Chapter Two

Angelkit remembers how she and her sister, Crimsonkit, received their names from their now-deceased parents. Their adoptive mother, Moontree, reminds Angelkit that today is their apprentice ceremony. Angelkit waits eagerly beside Crimsonkit, noticing how she made her fur "blank" for the occasion.

Chapter 3: The Apprentices

Angelkit, now Angelpaw, is apprenticed to Rainstar. After the Clan whispers excitedly about how that means she's special, Crimsonpaw asks who her mentor will be. Rainstar then gives her Marijuanaskin, who does drugs and is hairless. Crimsonpaw cries out and runs into the forest, only to be kidnapped by RiverClan.

Trivia Edit

  • This was never finished.
  • RiverClan seems to be named after music, such as the leader, Musicstar, and Sambapelt.
  • By contrast, WindClan is named after weather, with Breezestar and Hurricaneclaw.
  • There is a new Clan, MapleClan. One of MapleClan's warriors, Applegleam, is listed as a kitten.
  • RiverClan's medicine cat, Rachelclaw, is named after xdark.rosesx's new best friend, Rachel.
  • ThunderClan's medicine cat, Pawstep, would have been named Pawpaw as an apprentice.
  • Crimsonpaw has red eyes despite being a black cat, not an albino.