Redfur is Lakepool's mate.

Role Edit

Redpaw is introduced in Chapter eleven when she runs in front of Lakepool and dies. When asked if okay, she says no, but at least she saved a life. For a second, Stargleam thinks she is beautiful, but stops herself.

Redfur is mentioned after The Ten Commandents are introduced when she kisses Lakepool. Stargleam forbids them from being mates, as it became a rule to not be homosexual.

After Gleamstar dies, they go back to being mates and take in Starkit after Tigerstar and Hollyleaf leave. She confronts Starpaw when she is repulsed by Hawkfrost and Ashpaw kissing. However, Starpaw runs out before they can convince her that homosexuality is fine.

When Starpaw comes back to camp, Redfur and Lakepool are leaving for the Dark Forest / "Satanclan". Starpaw tries to convince them to stay, but even when Starpaw admits she is a lesbian, they leave anyway. When Starpaw comes to convince because being homosexual wasn't wrong anymore, they decline because they are atheists.

When Starpaw is dying, Redfur and Lakepool talk with Jazzstar about the lights.

In the Epilogue, Redfur and Lakepool see Starpaw in the sun and talk about her with their kits.

Family Edit

Mate: Lakepool

Daughters: Bluekit, Starkit

Sisters-in-law: Flamepelt, Gleamstar

Mother-in-law: Dawnsparkle

Father-in-law: Jayfeather

Nephews: Fluffykit, Tigerkit

Niece: Firekit

Trivia Edit

  • Along with Lakepool and Flamepelt, it's unknown when her warrior ceremony happens, but it does occur.
  • Along Jazzstar and Starpaw, her kits are anatomically impossible.
  • Like Lakepool and Jayfeather, Redfur dies and is later portrayed as alive.