Lakepool is Flamepelt and StarGleamStar's sister. She belongs to Dawnsparkle and Jayfeather's first litter. She is also Redfur's mate and Bluekit’s and Starkit’s mother.

Role Edit

Lakepaw is briefly mentioned in Chapter 2 before the battle in the apprentice den.

Lakepool comes on the patrol to save Firestar from Hollyleaf. When Flamepelt gets attacked by Hollyleaf, Lakepaw sacrifices herself for her sister and she dies. Flamepelt picks up her body to take to camp but at some point, Lakepaw becomes possessed by Hollyleaf and attacks her sister. She then runs back to the battle and fights her side. However, Stargleam kills her.

Lakepaw is magically brought back to life, for after Stargleam reads out The Ten Commandents to the Clans, she spots Lakepaw and Redpaw kissing. Stargleam forbids them from being together. After the leader ceremony, she is mentioned that she and Redpaw are sad about not being allowed to be together. She goes on a patrol to the WindClan border with Flamepaw, Redpaw, and Jazzsong.

When Starkit is reborn, she and Redfur are mates. Starkit asks if Gleamstar told them to not love each other. Lakepool asks how she knows this. Starkit doesn't know. She and Redfur say they'll take in Starkit. She doesn't like that, so she runs off.

When Starpaw runs into the apprentice den after seeing Hawkfrost and Ashpaw kissing, Lakepool and Redfur attempt to console her, but it doesn't work, as she runs off again. When Starpaw remembers that she's Gleamstar, Lakepool and Redfur are leaving to join the Dark Forest. Starpaw attempts to make them stay, but she fails.

When Gleamstar tries to convince them back to the Clans, they refuse because they are atheists.

Lakepool manages to convince Rainstar that Gleamstar is evil, and helps attack ThunderClan. Lakepool and Rainstar convince the Tribe to join their side.

Lakepool and Redfur grieve Gleamstar with the other Clans. In the epilogue, she and Redfur have kits, and have a vision of Gleamstar in the sun, winking at them.

Appeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeearance Edit

Lakepool is a bright, blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • Lakepool is revived twice.
  • Lakepool and Redfur have kits, even though they're female.

Kin Edit




Dawnsparkle: Living


Jayfeather: Living


Gleamstar: Dead, Verified StarClan member

Flamepelt: Living


Jazzstar: Living


Nightrain: Living


Firekit: Living


Fluffykit: Dead, Verified StarClan member

Tigerkit: Dead, Unknown residence


Bluekit: Living

Starkit: Living