"...and hr frend JazzPaw (a.n: jazzie-kin ur my bff!)"
— Stargleam, about Jazzstar. in Author's Notes

Appearance Edit

Jazzstar is a red she-cat with blue eyes and a black tail.

History Edit

Jazzpaw is first mentioned as Starkit's best friend.

After Starpaw's apprentice ceremony, Starpaw asks to go on patrol with her, and Jazzpaw obliges. Before they leave, however, Blackstar attacks the camp. Starpaw fights back, and Jazzpaw disappears for a while.

Jazzpaw is also mentioned when Starpaw comes back from hunting with Firestar. They are seen talking about Starpaw becoming leader and Jazzpaw becoming her deputy. It is said that Starkit loved Jazzpaw but not in that way, even though they become mates later.

Jazzpaw is next mentioned when Stargleam calls a patrol to rescue Firestar from Hollyleaf and Tigerstar.

Jazzpaw reappears once again when Lionblaze is killed. Gleamstar decides to make Jazzpaw her deputy and named her Jazzsong. Even though this is against the Warrior Code, as a deputy has to have had at least one apprentice first, no one complains.

After Gleamstar is killed before being married, Jazzsong presumably goes to the Moonpool and gains her leader's name, Jazzstar.

When the reincarnated Starkit refuses to allow Redfur and Lakepool to raise her, Jazzstar appears and tells her and Ashkit to go back to camp. When Starkit becomes an apprentice, she assigns Hawkfrost to be her mentor, much to the new apprentice's ire.

Jazzstar next appears when Starpaw confesses that Jazzstar is the "father" of her kits. Jazzstar questions this on anatomical grounds and Starpaw pretty much says that love makes babies.

Later when the kits are born, Jazzstar lets Stargleam name them since Stargleam was the one who gave birth to them.

Soon after, Ashpaw comes and takes Tigerkit. Fluffykit becomes upset and starts crying, and Jazzstar and Gleamstar can't comfort him.

[To Be Continued]

Family Edit


Gleamstar: Deceased, verified StarClan member

Hawkfrost: Deceased, verified Place of No Stars member


Fluffykit: Living

Tigerkit: Living

Firekit: Living

Trivia Edit

  • Jazzstar is based off of Jazzie-Kun, the author's best friend, who edited some chapters.
  • Like Stargleam and Nightrain, Jazzsong's name would be impossible, for cats don't know what Jazz is.
  • Jazzstar is mates with Gleamstar and had kits with Gleamstar, despite the fact that would be anatomically impossible.
  • Jazzstar is also genetically improbable; feral cats need their hearing and blue eyed cats have a four in ten chance of being deaf, in addition, a red cat with a black tail would only happen if a black cat was suffering from a nutrient deficiency, but she has red fur for years.

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