Jazzie-Kun (also known as Jazzpaw throughout the story) is Xdark.rosesx's best friend and is also the co-author of Starkit's Prophecy. She is first mentioned in Chapter two and is mentioned in some of the author's notes.

Trivia Edit

  • It's possible Jazzie-Kun doesn't actually exist, as there is no proof she does other than the word of Xdark.rosesx. It's even possible Jazzie-Kun is Xdark.rosesx.
  • However, there is a writer on that is called Jazzie-Kun, but there is no proof that she is the same Jazzie-Kun.
  • Jazzie-Kun is a self-insert into Starkit's prophecy, as proven true in Chapter Three.
  • It is possible Jazzie-Kun's real name is Jasmine, as one of the cats in Starkit's Prophecy 2 was named after 'Xdark.rosesx's best friend,' Jasmine. Throughout the first book, it was blatantly said that Jazzie-Kun was Xdark.rosesx's best friend.