What Fluffykit could've looked like

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Cat with a likeness to Fluffykit

Fluffykit (also known as DaFluffyKit) is the offspring of Jazzstar and Gleamstar.

Role Edit

Fluffykit was born to Jazzstar and Gleamstar. Moments after his birth, Tigerstar attacked him. For some reason, Fluffykit and his siblings were able to fight him off despite that they're at the weakest stage of their life. When Ashpaw took Tigerkit, Fluffykit tried his best to fight him off. He failed, and Ashpaw escaped. He was so unhappy, that when he cried it attracted Firestar to the site.

When Tigerkit becomes aligned with the evil cats, Fluffykit calls him out on it. Tigerkit doesn't care.

Jazzstar, Fluffykit, and more cats save Gleamstar from the mongoose, so Rainstar threatens to bring out Featherpaw. Fluffykit is shocked since Featherpaw is his boyfriend. Rainstar is unimpressed since she is straight. Fluffykit accuses her of being of a homophobe, which she denies.

When Gleamstar switches sides, Fluffykit is so upset he runs into the forest. Gleamstar wants to go after him but doesn't since she became evil.

During the battle, Firestar and Tigerstar fight. When Firestar is at a disadvantage, Fluffykit leaps out and sacrifices himself for Firestar. Gleamstar, unable to hold it back it any longer, runs to help him. However, Tigerkit attacks him and tells his mother that she shouldn't help Fluffykit. After Gleamstar explains herself, she turns to Fluffykit who is about to die. She begs him not to go, but he says it's destiny and dies.


Fluffykit is a fluffy, long-furred, golden tom with blue eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • Fluffykit's mother and father is Stargleamstar and Jazzstar, despite both of them being female.



Tigerkit : Deceased, whereabouts unknown


Firekit : Living


Gleamstar: Deceased (Starclan)

Jazzstar : Living


Flamepelt: Living

Lakepool: Living


Dawnsparkle: Living


Jayfeather: Living