Cinderpelt is a gray she-cat that was Firestar's apprentice, but then she got hit by a monster (a car) and was no longer able to continue her training due to receiving a crippled leg. Thus, she became cat of medicine. She has blue eyes and got dead by a badger, protecting Sorreltail's kits, which one of them happened to be Cinderpelt's reincarnation, Cinderheart.

Role In Starkit's Prophecy Edit

Cinderheart has a mate that's Lionblaze, although he says that Heathertail is prettyietr.

Cinderpelt first appears in StarClan, telling Gleamstar she was reincarnated in spite of the fact she is standing right in front of her, thanks to xdark.rosesx's logic.

Trivia Edit

  • In spite of being reincarnated, she appears in StarClan to tell Gleamstar what happened to her. Of course, this may have happened after she released Cinderheart, because Starkit's Prophecy could takes place after The Last Hope, because The Last Hope takes place after Sunrise and it would still be after Sunrise.
  • More likely, however, is that it is yet ANOTHER ONE of xdark.rosesx's face-palmingly idiotic mistakes.
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