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    If the book you are reading doesn't have a 'about the author' section, or their wikipedia page is short, or there is just no information on the writer, you can usually figure out about the person through the book and it's writing itself. We know the CS Lewis was a christian through his Narnia Series, we know that the Erin Hunter authors cared heavily on the environment based on their Seekers series, and so on. I have decided to analize the author of Starkit's Prophecy through her writing. There are two ways to do this with fanfiction, the first way it to use what we know through the author's notes, and the second is to assume that the main protagonist is a self insert and interrpret the story from there. I will be using both strageties.

    I w…

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  • Victory the NightWing


    June 15, 2019 by Victory the NightWing

    Apologies for that title.

    Anyways, as a few of you may or may not have noticed, I, who was once one of the most active members of the Starkit's Prophecy Wiki, have kinda...retreated. Into a hole somewhere in the internet, like a little hermit.

    Mainly, I'm on the Wings of Fire Wiki, which is a bit obvious due to my name. However, that's not the only hole I inhabit.

    I have another "hole", another wiki, known as the Authors' Academy Wiki, which is mainly a place of reading and writing. I have created several characters/books/fanfictions on there, and so long as you follow the rules, even those who aren't from the Wings of Fire Wiki can join. Check it out, if ya want!*

    So. I'll fix mistakes on this wiki, but for now:

    Vic out.


    • Note: As a Discus…

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  • Potatosweartophats2

    Hello, it's potatosweartophats, and I'm back from the dead

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  • Victory the NightWing

    Helloooo, wikia! I know this wiki is empty, but I wanted to add a bit of humor to it and soften the blow. 

    So, here it goes!

    My notes will be in bold italics, while xdark.rosesx's will be in bold.

    Shouldn't it be "Allegiances"?

    ok so like i said this iks my first story be nice plz

    You spelled almost none of that right.

    btw its set afte rsunset so

    Book or time? Grammar matters, children, so that we go "Let's eat, Grandma!" instead of "Let's eat Grandma!"

    Leader: Firestar - ginger tom with a flame-colored pelt

    So far so good.

    Deputy: Brambleclaw - dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

    Hm, aside from the grammar this seems like a normal story.

    Medicine Cat: JayFeather-gray tom

    Why is "feather" capitalized?


    Squirrelflight - dark ginger she-cat with gre…

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  • Victory the NightWing

    A/N: Hello, wikia! I am, yet again, updating the strange tale of Starkit's Prophecy 2. Again, the rehost I read was stopped at Chapter 3, and the the original wasn't finished, either, so I'm now improvising. I had lots of ideas (so many that I now ship Crimsonfire despite not writing it yet!), which I am now putting onto paper (screen?). Applefall was a character I found interesting, so there's now a short story at the bottom. It's called Starkit's Prophecy: Applefall's Choice. Check it out, if you want!

    Angelpaw watched as Rainstar left for her den, leaving the young apprentice all alone in the center of camp. Crimsonpaw was nowhere to be seen, and Snakepaw Perhaps Parselypaw was available to go hunting, or gathering moss?

    She hu…

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  • Victory the NightWing

    A/N: Again, the story I was reading (rehost) cut off at Chapter 3, so it's pretty much improvising here.

    "For Crimsonpaw!" Angelpaw howled, racing right beside Rainstar as they charged into the small clearing serving as a camp. Her ears were flattened to her skull, and she was running as fast as she could go. She still couldn't believe it was her first day as an apprentice, and she was already attacking a Clan! 

    Now, her blue eyes were wide as she searched the camp. Come on, come on! she thought urgently, her claws sheathing and unsheathing. Just one hint of a black coat, just one glance from scarlet eyes, just one hint that her sister was alive. It had been tearing her apart ever since she had noticed Crimsonpaw's absence. What if she'd bee…

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  • Victory the NightWing

    A/N: So this was never finished, and the version I read (a rehost) wasn't finished, so this is improvising.

    Angelpaw followed Rainstar, her ears pricked. What could the leader possibly want? They reached the den, and Rainstar turned. She looked like there was something she wanted to say, and she was pacing back and forth. Her blue-gray tail was lashing, and she finally sighed. "Angelpaw."

    "Yes?" the apprentice replied, sheathing and unsheathing her claws. She wondered what was going on, and if the she-cat wanted something from her. Had she done something wrong already? Oh, she hoped she hadn't. That would be a horrible way to start this new part of her life. "Rainstar?"

    Rainstar stopped pacing and turned on her heel, locking eyes with her app…

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  • Victory the NightWing

    A/N: If I'm not supposed to be, er, writing in my blog posts like this, then could someone notify me?

    A young, black-and-white queen licked her kits' fur, purring with delight. They had been born only hours ago, but she already loved them with all of her heart. Quailfeather shielded them with her tail, watching as they mewed and scrambled around the mossy nest. These kits were the most active ones she'd ever seen!

    "Good morning, sunshine," called a voice. Smiling, a huge white tom stepped into the small corner of the nursery Quailfeather lay in. The she-cat grinned to her mate, flicking an ear. 

    Whitestar leaned over the nest. Two kits, their fur fluffed up, suddenly stopped and tilted their little noses to the sky. The tom laughed. "Our kits…

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  • Victory the NightWing

    Hello, wikians! Recently, I read Starkit's Prophecy 2, and it was so horrible it deserves to be finished!

    Long ago, Gleamstar of ThunderClan left a legacy. Now, her descendants must fulfill a new prophecy. Time is running out--who are "MapleClan", and what do they want? What's going on with Crimsonpaw's eyes, and why is Angelpaw having flashbacks? With growing tensions, the Clans have to find out what is happening, and soon...

    Leader: Rainstar--pretty young blue-gray she-cat

    (Apprentice, Angelpaw)

    Deputy: Blueheart--gray tabby with silvery blue eyes

    Medicine Cat: Patchstep--small calico she-cat with green eyes

    (Apprentice, Shadepaw)


    Redheart--reddish brown tom with green eyes

    Feather--black she-cat with blue eyes

    (Apprentice, Snakepaw)


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  • Victory the NightWing

    Three cats gathered around a pool.

    Leaning in, a blue-gray she-cat nearly touched her cold, wet nose to the water's surface. A thousand images unfolded in her head.

    "Whitestorm, Lionheart!" she cried, pulling away. "I've recieved a prophecy."

    "Tell us," Whitestorm said, his eyes widening. Lionheart nodded and flicked his tail.

    Bluestar took a deep breath. "When all seems lost inside the dark," she began, "look no further than the mystic star. For cat so large, and deadly plant, a normal cat...just can't. Heart of gold and gleaming eyes, shall break the force after many tries."

    She tilted her head. "What does it mean?"

    Whitestorm looked down. "Lionheart, Bluestar! Look, in ThunderClan!"

    The other two cats gasped and looked where the white tom had …

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  • This Just In, Throw Away Your Axes

    While this wiki has the full story of Starkit's Prophecy, what other sites do have it? It's pretty rare to find stuff from back in the 2000s, and I want to know how many sites have the full fanfic.

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  • Orpingtonchicken

    T H E    R E S C U E

    "EVERYONE FOLLOW ME," meowed Stargleam as she ran(?) for the entrance to the camp. Tears streamed down her face. She was so sad. Her father had died, and her leader was gone.

    "Flamepaw, Lakepaw, Dustpelt, Mom, Lionblaze, follow me!" she said. "I NEED A PATROL."

    They ran into the forest, their paws working quickly. She would kill Hollyleaf and Tigerstar for what they'd done! She battle cried, using her(?) nose to tear down the evil cats.

    Her heat burned!

    Soon they found them. They were hiding behind a boulder. "Hahaha!" laughed Hollyleaf, putting her claw on Firestar's throat. "I'VE GOT YOU NOW!"

    Stargleam gasped. "No! Firestar!" she screamed. "Flamepaw, go!" she said.

    Flamepaw hurled herself(?) at Hollyleaf. Hollyleaf looked …

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  • Orpingtonchicken

    (?) means the letters were either so garbled I had to take a far guess or that a word that really, really had to be there was not.

    As a Jayfeather fan, this story makes me VERY uncomfortable...poor Jayfeather...

    C H A P T E R    F I V E (Actually Chapter 6)

    Starpaw said, "I...I..."

    She was so confused. These cats had asked her to be their mate, and what was she suppose to do? They were both handsome and alluring(?), but both had mates! And she loved them both! Firestar was so kind, and he obviously liked her a lot. Graystripe was so funny and cool.

    "!" said Starpaw.

    She ran into the forest. It was too much. She couldn't choose! She ran and ran until her paws were hurting. Then she realized she had crossed the border. Oh no! she thought. ShadowClan w…

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  • Orpingtonchicken

    (?) beside a word means the letters were so garbled I had to use a far guess or a word that really, really needed to be there was missing.

    A L L I A N C E S


    Leader: Firestar - ginger tom with a flame-colored pelt

    Deputy: Brambleclaw - dark brown taby tom with amber eyes

    Medicine Cat: Jayfeather - gray tom


    Squirrelflight - dark ginger she-cat with green eyes (Apprentice: Foxpaw)

    Dustpelt - dark brown tabby tom

    Sandstrom - pale ginger she-cat

    Cloudtail - long-haired white tom (Apprentice: Daisypaw)

    Brackenfur - golden brown tabby tom

    Sorreltail - tortiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes

    Thornclaw - golden-brown tabby tom

    Brightheart - white she-cat with ginger patches

    Spiderleg - long-limbed black tom with brown underbelly and a…

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  • Orpingtonchicken

    If it is okay with everyone, I will put a full grammar and spelling corrected Starkit's Prophecy on my blog for everyone to read without using Google Translate. If this is against rules or something, I WILL TAKE IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY. Please tell me...nicely. I'm not really sure if I'm allowed to but I think it would help.

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