Blackstar is one of StarGleamStar's love interests and used to be the leader of ShadowClan.

Role Edit

Blackstar by vialir-d5x20bv
Blackstar first appeared in Chapter 2, when he attacked ThunderClan. He was beaten almost instantly.

In Chapter 5, when Starpaw runs across the border into ShadowClan he finds her. For some reason, he is fine with it. He nuzzles her, which Starpaw takes as molestation. She runs off as Blackstar pleads for her to become his mate.

In Chapter 15, he comes with ShadowClan's best warriors to stop Stargleam from becoming ThunderClan's new leader. He fails because "It's destiny," and he walks away as Firestar and Graystripe try to console him.

In the next chapter, Gleamstar sent Lionblaze on a patrol to tell Blackstar that she became the leader.

In Chapter 18, Blackstar had committed suicide because Gleamstar became leader. Because of this, Firestar became leader of ShadowClan.

When Gleamstar has died and is in the Dark Forest, she wonders if Blackstar was bad. However, Blackstar went to StarClan because;

"Of course not" BlackStar relipe. "wy would i be their I mean I luv tou after tll2!"

He last mentioned in Chapter 23, where he fights alongside the StarClan cats.

Appearance Edit

Blackstar is a huge, white tom with jet-black paws. It is disputed whether or not Blackstar's ears are colored.

Trivia Edit

  • Apparently, he didn't have a deputy, because Firestar became ShadowClan's leader.